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​Mrs. Christina

​​​Hello my name is┬áChristina an thank you for taking the time out to view my profile. I am a natural born and seventh generation psychic. I am psychic counselor certified and I have a degree in metaphysics from the Berkeley psychic institute and also have a masters degree in therapy. From a young age I always knew that I had a gift to feel other people's emotions other than my own to see things that the naked eye cannot see. From the beginning I didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse. As I got older my abilities only got stronger so I channel that energy into trying to find what people's true intentions were. The first time that my abilities truly came to surface was when I was in the Second grade I have to admit in the beginning. I was not the only one that noticed I was different my classmates around me would tease me because as they would be talking on a certain subject. I would see the truth behind what was really going on because as they would be talking on a certain subject and I would see the truth behind what was really going on behind closed doors so. I really wouldn't always catch the whole scenario of what they were saying but only the truth behind it but the teasing only got worst within time. So later on my teacher decided that I needed more special attention nobody really understood what was going on even I at the time couldn't grasp the understanding of why I was so different compared to all the other children so my first experience was when my teacher recommended me to the school guidance counselor. Whom for privacy reasons I cannot mention her name. She was a very nice lady and very good at what she did but I noticed through my own spiritual abilities that there was something troubling her. Even though she was smiling in her face but yet crying in her heart I knew the truth that there was conflict going on in her personal life. She asked me how was my life at home and I told her about what I go through on an every day basis and even though I don't understand it I know that it is not something that every person has. She asked me what do you mean and I told her that I have visions of the people around that tell me what they are experiencing but when these people talk to me I see different . Then she asked me what do you see for me, and I told her that I seen a dark haired blue-eyed woman that was causing her much distress and that every day that went on this pain only became stronger as time went on. She started to cry and asked me how to I know this and I told her that this is why the other children in school are always making fun of me. So as soon as I said that she called my teacher in the room and told her that she needed to speak to my mother. My teacher told her okay but why she did not disclose that information she just said she needed to speak to my mother as soon as possible. So she got on the phone with my mother and told her to come to the school as soon as possible and my mother came to my school and asked my guidance counselor what was wrong. My guidance counselor told her what I had said and asked my mother how did her seven-year-old know what was going on in her personal life. She explain to my mother the situation a little bit more and told her that she was going through a divorce and that her husband left her for another woman. My mother's heart went out to this woman and she told her that even though she was going through this there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel and to not worry about the situation. So I was excused after that and my mother took me home to explain to me that she also has the gift of vision and went through the same thing when she was growing up and she uses her gift to help others and push others in the right direction and that I inherited this gift from her and what I am going through is not just a phase or weird or wrong she told me that I am a beautiful spirit and then I need to take this gift that I inherited from her and use it for the greater good for others and that I need to use this gift only for good never bad. When I turned 14 my mother gave my first deck of tarot cards, as soon as I held them in my hands I felt there energy and meanings like they spoke to me like a story. As my connection with them got stronger I started to give my friends readings and my friends loved getting their cards done and I made a lot of friends like this. I love giving advice to others and to push others in the right direction it is my calling but not only that but it's my passion, I have been helping and giving my clairvoyant advice with a very high success rate for over 20 years. I am a problem solver and I am happy to help in all matters of the heart no question is to big or small and I am ready to help shed light on your life to empower you by using your own external energies to help lead you into your destiny with Love, Marriage, Finances, Career, Family and Friends. I use no tools in my readings only if the customer prefers me to. I offer a vast amount of services to help guide you to your life's path such as "Psychic Readings, Tarot Cards, Past Life Regression, Chakra Balancing, Aura Alignment, Karma Cleansings, Puja and Chi". Fulfillment and clarity through your past, present and future is awaiting you take the first step into a brighter and better tomorrow by calling me today. Love & Light "Christina"
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